Broadcast messages

Effortlessly send any message to a group of users through DeBank Hi and directly reach out to any on-chain user. Users will be able to reply to your messages.

Send group message






  • content - json with the following fields:

    • type : string message type, only support "text" currently.

    • value : json with the following fields

      • url: string - url link

      • data: string - content

      • version: string - current version: v1

  • address_list : array - The address list you want to send hi messages, max length: 10,000.

  • max_offer_price : integer - max offer price, If the offer price for the address is higher than this value, no message will be sent to the address. The decimal of max_offer_price is 4, eg. you want to set max offer price to $1, the max_offer_price = 10,000.

  • prepayment_amount : integer - You are willing to prepay the funds for this grou send message. If the user does not open your offer in the end, the remaining money will be refunded to your account after settlement. The decimal of prepaymen_amount is 4, eg. you want to set pre-payment amount to $100, the prepaymen_amount = 1000,000.



curl '' \
  -H 'AccessKey: YOUR_ACCESSKEY' \
  -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
  --data-raw '{
    "address_list": ["0x5853ed4f26a3fcea565b3fbc698bb19cdf6deb85"],
    "content": {
        "type": "text", 
        "value": {"url": "", 
                "data": "test group send message", 
                "version": "v1"}
    "max_offer_price": 10000, // default $1
    "prepayment_amount": 10000}' \


  • group send id

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